Hello, world!

Welcome, aspiring evil empresses! Let me share with you a little secret about ruling the world…

Who would you say is the most powerful female who ever lived? Cleopatra? Queen Victoria? Eleanor Roosevelt? Wrong! It is (as those of you familiar with Homestuck are well aware) Betty Crocker. Why, you ask? It’s simple: Betty Crocker, the original Batterwitch and ruler of a worldwide empire of delicious baked goods, understood that the way to people’s hearts is always through their stomachs. In other words, good cooking is the secret to world domination! And that is the purpose of this blog: to provide you, my lovely batterwitches-to-be, with the tasty recipes you need to take over your kitchen and become the rulers of your own domain!

Of course, when planning your career as an evil empress it also doesn’t hurt to have a sort of mission statement, a creed, if you will. So here’s the creed by which I’ll be running this blog:

1. All food ought to be tasty and relatively simple to make.

2. There is no greater sin than a bland dish.

3. The best (and most creative) cooking avoids prepackaged mixes and additives and goes for only fresh and yummy ingredients!

4. The primary objective of cooking is FUN! (And world domination… which is kinda the same thing.)

And so, my dear batterwitches-in-training, good luck and happy cooking! 😀


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